Women’s Dive Day 2017

Throughout the years scuba diving has always been considered a male dominated hobby. PADI has begun to take an initiative to promote women in the dive industry and provide them with opportunities to network with others who have common interests. PADI began a new event called “Women’s Dive Day” that occurs in July and allows women to have the opportunity to check out new dive shops and meet other women on that day. We had around a dozen women, more than double the amount compared to our trip in 2015 came out with us on July 15th for the event and it provided them with not only an awesome day of diving but the chance to meet others and take part in the specials we offered for the women. We provided goodie bags for the women that included sunscreen and shampoos, bracelets and more! Most of the women were local and it allowed them to find other women nearby who have the same interests and hobbies. Only 35% of all certified divers are women and this event can allow more women to gain interest and learn about all the benefits that come from diving. Being able to escape from the busy hectic world that we live in can provide stress release and a new outlook on our lives. Overall Last year PADI had over 700 events in 77 countries, bringing together divers all over the world. Who doesn’t love an excuse to get in the water? No matter when you last went diving, we’re sure it’s about time for your next descent. So round up your friends, prepare to make new ones, and find your nearest dive center to splash into the fun.


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