Sea Experience Crew – Thank you for a very memorable 2.5 months. I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to learn and be mentored by so many of you incredible humans. I wish you all overflowing happiness and endless adventure. Till our paths cross again, stay wet!

Julia B – Career student and instructor – July 2021

Sea Experience Career and ECO PRO program – Outstanding training and great people to learn from. Diving is great fun but understanding more of our world while also enjoying great people is awesome.

Alan P – Career student and instructor – May 2020

Colin, hope all is well with you and the entire staff. I’m just finishing up a 10-day, 28 dives…trip here in the Maldives. We had diverse group of 8 divers. One who earned his open water cert and another with over 2600 logged dives. This was the first time I dove with the occasional strong current and being buddied up with a woman with more dives than me, but who was a nervous wreck. I just wanted to let you know that all the training you provided really came together for this trip. With both my gear and my confidence in the water I really had a great time and an asset to my dive buddy. Just wanted to say thanks.

Troy J – Career student and Divemaster – October 2020

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