Fills & Service

Air and Enriched Air Nitrox Fills

The Sea Experience fill system is a custom built, water-cooled Bauer with Enriched Air Nitrox Membrane! Our
20 hose fill station is set up to fill 10 air and 10 Nitrox at the same time or 20 Air / 20 Nitrox at one time. We
are banking Nitrox 32% but have the ability to create custom mixes up to 40%. The system is tested quarterly
for air quality and meets industry safety standards, we proudly display our certificate in the shop

Dive Tank Inspections and Servicing

Visual testing is required annually and Sea Experience includes in your tank testing, the latest Advanced
Inspection Technologies VisualPlus3 and Visual Depth testing to provide the most accurate visual inspections.

Hydrostatic testing is required every five years. Turnaround time is typically 5 days.

Oxygen Cleaning for scuba tanks is required when scuba tanks are used for custom Nitrox blends, partial
pressure fills or if they are being converted from air use to Nitrox use and being filled by the partial pressure


Individual Equipment Rental
  1 Air Fill   $6 
  10 Air Fill Card   $50 ($5 per fill)
  100 Air Fill Card  $450 ($4.50 per fill)
  1 Nitrox 32% Fill     $10
  10 Nitrox 32% Fill Card  $80 ($8 per fill)
  100 Nitrox 32% Fill Card   $750 ($7.50 per fill)
  1 Nitrox Custom Fill  $15
  Annual Tank VIP  $25
  Tank Hydro Testing $45
  Tank O2 Cleaning $75*

*Plus replacement parts when needed

Please call for prices and availability of other servicing options available

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