Winter Diving in Fort Lauderdale

We had a couple of great scuba dives today off the Sea Experience II!  The first dive was at the Jim Atria.  Water temps of 79 degrees and the visibility was about 50 feet with two to three foot seas.  There was just a slight current and we had a nice leisurely dive around the whole superstructure. The Jim Atria is a cool wreck that is a 200′ plus vessel that is a real treat to dive!  There was an Instructor teaching the PADI Advanced Open Diver course and I was teaching the Deep Specialty Instructor course.  We also had divers using sidemount and others using doubles, so it was a well rounded group! The second dive was to Oakland Ledges and after getting Navigation Specialty Instructor skills completed we headed off to check out the reef.  My buddy and I spotted the smallest  spotted drum I have ever seen and a gorgeous big green moray eel a little further on in the dive.  All in all, winter diving is well worth it here in Ft Lauderdale.  Come visit us at Sea Experience for some great scuba dives this winter, it doesn’t matter if you are just learning to dive or already an Instructor taking continuing education, we have dives for all levels!

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