Tis the Season

August is finally here and the excitement can be seen. Why do divers love this time of year so much? Two words. Lobster Season. This time of year brings out all the divers who are ready to try their luck at catching the “cockroach of the sea”. The most important part about this time of the year is maintaining diver safety while successfully hunting and bringing home a delicious dinner. Making sure you have the proper gear is step one; snare, gauge, tickle stick and bags. These items can help a diver have the most enjoyable experience while on the hunt. Secondly; checking to make sure that your permits are up to date is a very important part as well. Be sure to check your cards and that they are up to date for this year. Finding the right dive buddy and talking about your plans and goals during the dive can provide you with a clear understanding of how to keep your dive safe and fun. This time of year can get the adrenaline rushing in an individual and staying with your buddy can become a lot harder than previous dives. Make sure to stay close to your group and always measure your “bugs” before bringing them to the surface. Also, keeping your contact with the coral to a minimum can help to ensure many more years of lobster season. Always try to reduce your contact with the coral by using the proper tools when hunting! Overall this time of the year can bring together great divers for some great memories. From all of us at Sea Experience we wish you a great season and happy hunting!

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