Honeymoon in Paradise

Is “Tying the Knot” in your future or for some you know?  If so, it is also time to plan the honeymoon!  According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, the origin of the word dates back to the 1500’s and means “the first month of marriage is the sweetest”.  Your honeymoon plans should include scuba diving or snorkeling with Sea Experience in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.  There are many destinations worldwide to choose from but very few that offer the honeymoon experience that Ft Lauderdale and Sea Experience do.  Travel to Ft Lauderdale is very easy, with the Ft Lauderdale International Airport within the city limits.  The airport is simple to navigate and a short taxi ride will get you to your hotel or resort in just a few minutes.  If you are a US citizen, having your honeymoon in Florida eliminates the need for getting a passport.  Now, why honeymoon in Ft Lauderdale and with Sea Experience?  The area offers beautiful soft sand beaches that boast magnificent sunrises and swaying palm trees.  Most hotels and resorts are walking distance to the beach, restaurants, bars, shopping and a number of beach activities.  Sea Experience is located at the Bahia Mar Resort, directly across the street from Ft Lauderdale beach.  If you aren’t a certified scuba diver, one of Sea Experience’s highly trained and knowledgeable PADI Instructors can provide you with instruction for either the Open Water Diver certification or alternatively, a one day Discover Scuba Diving experience. Full Open Water Diver certification requires Knowledge Development completed prior to arriving, so call Sea Experience to make arrangements in plenty of time. Scuba diving is an experience unlike any other and is made even more enjoyable when done with a loved one.  Enjoy the feeling of weightlessness as you glide over coral reefs teeming with colorful fish or the adventure of diving one of our many wrecks. Unlike many other sports, scuba diving lets you experience life in many dimensions. What a “sweet” way to start married life together!  Scuba diving isn’t for you or your spouse?  Sea Experience has daily snorkeling /glass bottom boat trips as well.  This is a teriffic way view the wonders of the sea either from the surface of the water or by viewing it through one of the boat’s glass bottom viewing wells. When planning your honeymoon, think scuba diving, Sea Experience and Ft Lauderdale, Florida.  We offer the sea, sun, sand, romance and adventure.  For more information on scuba diving or snorkeling, please call 954-770-3483.

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