5 Steps to Choosing a Dive Computer

  1. Are you someone who only scuba dives on an annual dive trip? If you are an occasional diver you may want to look at a simple compact wrist computer such as the Suunto Zoop. This computer is an excellent companion to your current pressure gauge or can be added to your console and is both air and nitrox compatible.
  2. Do you scuba dive several times a year? You should consider the Suunto D4i series wrist computer.  These computers are air integrated, are easy to use and include a Freedive mode. The air integrated design allows the scuba diver the option of eliminating the gauge console and freeing up precious luggage space.
  3. Are you a frequent scuba diver that dives open circuit or a rebreather? The Suunto DX Series computers are just what you need. This is the first of its kind computer to feature CCR compatibility including Trimix, all in a convenient watch size.
  4. Do you dive technical dives and are looking for a computer that is both functional and fashionable? The Suunto D9tx computer is designed to impress. The D9tx features a titanium case and sapphire crystal glass.  This stylish wrist computer can switch between up to eight gasses, has five modes, a built in dive planner and 3D Digital Compass plus much more.  This is a dive computer you can wear everyday both in and out of the water.
  5. Are you a dive professional or a scuba diver who prefers a larger display? The innovative Suunto EON Steel is the dive computer of choice.  The EON Steel is fully customizable with a wide angle BrightSee color screen.  The scuba diver can set the computer to display just what they need and it has user up-datable software.  This computer also features the 3D Digital compass, Trimix capability and the ability to read up to four tank pressure readings with the optional Suunto Tank POD.

No matter what dive computer you are interested in, the knowledgeable staff at Sea Experience in Ft Lauderdale Florida is available to answer any questions you may have and suggest the computer that is the right fit for your scuba diving needs.  Stop by shop any day between 8 am and 5 pm and take a look at the newest technology and try on the different dive computers to see what suits you.

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