10 Reasons Diving with Sea Experience is Better than Shoveling Snow

  1. The temperature difference of the ocean in Ft Lauderdale VS the snow blanketed north can be up to 100 degrees.
  2. Shoveling snow requires lifting up to 20 pounds per square foot shoveled, how many square feet of sidewalks and drive do you have? Scuba equipment weighs 40 pounds on average and the staff at Sea Experience will even assist you in and out of the water.
  3. Protective clothing required for shoveling snow may involve several layers while scuba diving in Ft Lauderdale with Sea Experience requires only one or two (a swim suit and a wetsuit).
  4. Shoveling snow may take up to several hours to complete, while scuba diving can too, it is much more enjoyable.
  5. The equipment used for shoveling snow does not involve awesome photos, invasive species eradication or tonight’s dinner.
  6. Diving with Sea Experience in Ft Lauderdale can be planned months ahead, shoveling snow is completely up to Mother Nature.
  7. Safety recommendations for shoveling snow include stretching, taking a break every 15 minutes and staying hydrated.  Scuba diving with Sea Experience does not require taking breaks every 15 minutes, we want you to enjoy up to an hour of diving before taking a surface interval and then getting right back in for more fun in the water.  The staff will ensure you remain hydrated with bottled water and soft drinks which are always available on Sea Experience II.
  8. Each year there are an average of 105 snow producing storms requiring snow shoveling. Each year Sea Experience is open 364 days and the majority of those days we are scuba diving the great wrecks and reefs offshore.
  9. Shoveling snow burns up to 223 calories per half hour and scuba diving burns up to 250 calories per half hour.
  10. Scuba diving with Sea Experience will bring you enjoyment, adventure and escape from, well, shoveling snow.


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