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10 Fun Facts about Lobster

Lobster Mini Season is quickly approaching, July 29th and 30th to be exact. Sea Experience is ready and the lobster are getting nervous!  In recognition of Mini Season, we thought we would make a list of 10 fun facts about lobster.

1. In colonial times, lobster was considered “Poor Man’s Chicken” and was even fed to livestock.
2. They are referred to as “Bugs” because their nervous systems are similar to ants and grasshoppers.
3. Lobsters can be cannibalistic when food is scarce.
4. Lobsters usually dine on other bottom dwellers such as crabs.
5. It is believed that lobster can live up to 100 years.
6. Lobster meat contains 28 grams of protein per cup.
7. They were once so plentiful that they washed ashore after storms in deep piles.
8. Lobster blood is clear – not red.
9. Only .1 percent of lobster eggs will live more than six weeks.
10. Each year the commercial harvest of spiny lobster is valued at $20 million dollars, making it the largest commercial fishery in Florida.

The staff at Sea Experience would like to remind all scuba divers to be safe, watch your air and bottom times while on the hunt for lobsters.  Call us at 954-770-3483 for departure times and availability on July 29th and 30th.  We look forward to having you dive with us! 

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