Why Sea Experience?

Why Sea ExperienceAre  you looking for career opportunities in scuba diving? Look no further than Sea Experience!  You deserve the highest quality of staff, facilities and location for your professional scuba training,  whatever your goals are! Why Sea Experience???

Quality of Staff

Aren’t all IDC’s the same?  The PADI curriculum is the same; it’s the “real world” applications that set us ahead of the rest. The training you receive from the Sea Experience staff is arguably the best you can find!  Our professional scuba programs are conducted by some of the most experienced and qualified instructors in the industry.  Combined, they have over 85 years of scuba industry experience and over 20,000 dives between them.  Amongst them they have owned or managed dive centers, owned dive boats, worked in dive resorts, on cruise ships, and live-aboards, have military dive experience and have overall lived the dive dream!  You will receive your training from people who actually work in the industry.  Staff of Sea Experience wrote and copyrighted the first PADI Resort Specialist program, which was designed for the industry by the requests of the industry.  When you attend your PADI Instructor Development Course with Sea Experience, the entire program is conducted by one of our PADI Platinum Course Directors!  The scuba industry knowledge that you absorb, along with the experience and expertise you gain from  your professional scuba courses will set you on the road to a fun, fulfilling and most of all, a successful career in the scuba diving industry.

Quality of Facility

Sea Experience is a PADI 5 Star Career Development Center  (CDC), licensed by the Commission for Independent Education through the Florida Department of Education. This ensures that your training is provided by a facility that meets the strictest standards not only required by PADI but also the State of Florida.  The 5 Star CDC designation is given to PADI 5 Star IDC Centers that conduct additional Instructor Level scuba training and meet requirements for assisting dive leaders in reaching their professional goals. The license from the Commission for Independent Education is required for all Florida dive centers conducting Instructor level training.  Our facilities are all in one location: the classroom, retail shop, scuba training pool, boats and rooms are all located at the Bahia Mar Resort.  A rental car is not necessary!  If transportation  is needed to dive off-site we will provide it.  At Sea Experience each candidate is important to us; you will receive personal attention and never be just a number.  For that purpose, we keep our group sizes to no more than six candidates to one Course Director.  The IDC Open Water training dives are conducted in the ocean (unless weather dictates otherwise), and we have one day of workshops at a local lake; allowing you to also be familiar with the location of the Instructor Exam Open Water site.  Sea Experience also offers a Job Placement program to get you out there and living the dive life yourself!  Look for the links on this page to start the online form today!

Quality of Location

Sea Experience is located at the Bahia Mar Resort in Fort Lauderdale, Florida and is on the beach in the heart of all the action.  There are over 30 restaurants as well  convenience stores and numerous activities all within walking distance of the resort.  We dive a large variety of shipwrecks and reefs just off our shores.  In fact, this is where PADI professional instructor training as we know it began!  The Bahia Mar Resort is just minutes and a short taxi ride from the Fort Lauderdale/Hollywood International Airport.  We do not offer free housing or meals. Keep in mind that “nothing is free” and that you may end up in a dorm-style arrangement with up to 8 people sharing a room and meals provided with a very limited budget.  The resort gives us special pricing for our Instructor Candidates and you will have a private room with a refrigerator, microwave and maid service.  This provides you with your own space for privacy, quiet study and preparation.  You have an endless choice of restaurants and a grocery store nearby if you prefer to eat in.

A personal visit will go a long way in helping you make this important decision. You are making an investment in your future, and the best investment you can make in your professional scuba training is at Sea Experience in sunny Fort Lauderdale. We are very proud of our facilities and would welcome the chance to show you around, get to know more about you and your goals in the scuba industry. We want you to be 100% comfortable with your decision on where to take your training. After the tour, please accept a complimentary dive trip on our boat; don’t forget your c-card! We want you to have some fun while you are with us, and you get to see the boat and perhaps talk to current students as to their training experiences. Call us to set up a time to visit or if you can’t visit but have questions or need further information, please give us a call at 954-770-3483.

Special Offers and Benefits

  • Completion of the IDC e-Learning eliminates the need to attend the first two days of AI class (lectures) and includes one free dive trip on each of those two days only. Start Now!
  • Students may purchase all dive gear at 10% off.
  • Sea Experience IDC alumni qualify to purchase PADI materials directly from us at Level 3 pricing plus shipping.
  • Job Placement – Fill out our online job placement form today.

Here are a few things you may want to look for, or ask about when selecting a scuba career center:

  • Staff Experience – How many Course Directors are there and will they be doing the teaching? Some schools use IDC Staff Instructors for the majority of the program! Is the Course Director experienced in all aspects of the scuba industry?
  • Location – Is it on the beach? How far are the boat(s), classroom, pool and other facilities spread out? Do I need a car while I am there? Are there a variety of restaurants nearby?
  • Alumni – Will you become part of the largest group of instructor graduates in the world?
  • Job Placement Assistance – Sea Experience offers assistance with job placement once you have completed our Instructor Development Course. Can we guarantee you a job after the completion of your training? The answer is no. No school can guarantee you employment. They are not allowed to by law of the State of Florida Board of Education. Please be very careful of anyone who says they can. Sea Experience has a large network of former students who now are owners and or managers of dive stores and resorts. We have very strong relationships in place with our alumni and when they have vacant positions to fill they know they can turn to Sea Experience to meet their employment needs. Sea Experience also makes use of the PADI website bulletin board which we have found to be quite productive. Also, because dive resumes’ need to be very specific and specialized and with that end in mind we offer our graduates our expert assistance to make sure that your resume will be noticed and seriously considered by any potential employer. Our pledge to you is that if you come here to learn, expand your knowledge and be open to placement areas we will do our best to help you fulfill your job and career expectations
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