Why the Underwater Navigation Diver Specialty Certification?

As divers, we have been on various types of dive trips.  There are many places in the world where the dive trips are led by a Dive Guide or Divemaster. These professionals lead the dive, show the divers the interesting aspects of the dive site and then bring the divers back to the exit point all while counting heads, checking air and the dive time.  Navigation is not typically needed on this type of dive and unfortunately there is a great dependence on the Dive Guide.  The other type of dive trip is one where the boat captain or a crew member gives a briefing on the dive site and then gives the divers parameters as to time and tank pressure to return to the boat.  Without Underwater Navigation skills this type of diving can be uncomfortable for a diver who has only ever been diving with a Dive Guide.  The majority of diving in Florida is without a Dive Guide or Divemaster unless the diver requests it.  Having a clear understanding of how to use a compass is invaluable for those divers and their buddies wanting to be independent.   Sometimes the navigation is as easy as taking a North heading and other times it may mean navigating a square pattern to be able to explore a reef and ending the dive where the boat is moored.  The PADI Underwater Navigation Specialty Diver Certification course is taught at Sea Experience.  The course is typically three dives over two days and anyone 10 years or older and certified as an Open Water / Jr Open Water Diver is eligible to attend.  There is a Knowledge Development session but the majority of the course is hands-on.  The diver is taught how to estimate distance, how to take a bearing using two landmarks, how to navigate a straight line and other patterns and using natural references for navigation as well as many other valuable skills.  The PADI Instructors at Sea Experience make this valuable course informative and fun and the diver gains skills that enhance their diving abilities and confidence.   For more information on the Underwater Navigation Specialty Course or any other Specialty Course, please contact us at 954-772-3483. 

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