Why specialize?

Whether you are coming to Florida to finish your open water dives or you permanently live here, there is always a reason to get involved in specialty courses. These courses can allow you to focus on one portion of diving in more detail. From dry suit diver to underwater naturalist there are classes for every person’s interests. Often these courses are available in certain areas. Instructors can even form a plan and present it to PADI in order to get new specialties made. These courses can help you meet more divers with common interests and allow you to do certain dives that others may not be able to. As your skills increase throughout these courses you may find that two specialties would work great together, such as peak performance buoyancy and wreck diver. This would allow you to see more of the wreck, even if you’ve seen it many times before! A few courses that are offered include Emergency Oxygen Provider, Night Diver, Sidemount Diver, Digital Underwater Photographer and Deep Diver. This is only a couple out of the 28 specialties you can choose from. Many people will choose to have their Oxygen Provider course done in order to help out during emergencies that could occur while diving. Others will want to dive longer and take the rebreather course so that they have the opportunity to see more. No matter what your interests are be sure to contact your local dive shop to get more information on what courses are offered.

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