IDC Prep Course

The IDC Prep course is a one day program designed to give the Sea Experience IDC candidate extra Dive Theory and Standards study.

In over 30 years of training PADI Instructors, we have found the most difficult aspect of the Instructor Exam is the Dive Theory and Standards Exams.  Even with completion of E-Learning there are times that candidates want more practice in a live setting.  Unfortunately, during a typical IDC there is very little time within the scheduled PADI curriculum to cover these topics in any great detail.  The Sea Experience IDC Prep course is a “must have” for all IDC candidates as it is a great way to identify academic weaknesses that may need extra remediation.  Since this is done prior to Phase II, this affords us the time to focus on just Dive Theory and Standards.

This program comes with an exclusive Sea Experience pledge!

Our pledge to you is simple….if you enroll in the Sea Experience Phase 2 and IDC Prep course, and you are unsuccessful at the IE, you can come back and participate in another IDC and Prep within the following 12 months at no additional charge (PADI fees not included).

Our goal is for you succeed by reaching your goal of becoming a PADI Instructor!

Price:  $250

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