Five Ways to Enjoy Diving This Summer

Go Dive a New Location

Finding new areas to dive can provide a person with the chance to learn the history of an area and also give them more diving experience. When finding a new site to dive always make sure that you have a buddy who is comfortable diving these conditions and plan out the dive as much as possible before heading out! You might even find your favorite place to dive just from trying something new. Check out our dive calendar to see the next time we will be heading out to South Florida’s newest wreck, The Lady Luck. The Lady Luck is located approximately 1 mile SE of Hillsboro Inlet in Ship Wreck Park, Pompano Beach. The 324 ft. long, 50 ft wide tanker rises nearly to 60 from the surface at her mast. Artist Dennis McDonald has created a larger than life size casino on the deck that allows for great photo opportunities and lots to look at!

Learn a New Specialty

Have you always been interested in taking videos of your dives? Do you always see one type of fish that you can never find the name of? By taking a specialty course this summer you could expand the skills you currently have and take your hobby to a whole new level! Becoming an underwater naturalist could provide you with the information and tools that are needed to learn more about the marine life in your area.  Our website contains in depth lists of the specialties offered and what requirements must be met.

Meet New Divers

Getting involved in a new group can allow you to not only find new friends with common interests but it could provide valuable knowledge about the latest news in the diving world and the best places to dive nearby. Having more friends in the diving community can allow you to have more opportunities to dive and more buddies to join you!

Get Gear Serviced

Maintaining your gear and having general servicing done when recommended can allow for a longer lifespan and proper functioning of the gear. Ensuring a divers safety is a must! Taking an equipment specialty course can also provide you with a greater understanding of your gear and how to make small fixes when needed.

Invest in a New Piece of Gear

With the advances in technology increasing rapidly it can allow for gear to become outdated within just a few years. There is nothing wrong with using older gear if it has been maintained and serviced properly but chances are if you have allowed your BCD to sit in the basement for years without having anything done to it then chances are it may be time to make an investment. Not only is buying new gear exciting but it also allows a diver to have more options and functions of their gear. Reading monthly newsletters and keeping up with your local dive shop can allow you to learn about the newest gear available.

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